Little festival with a great soul

The 8th annual Cool v Plote festival, an international, multi-genre event featuring only solo acts, will take place on September 8th-9th in Písek, Czech Republic. This unique event presents only artists performing alone. Close to thirty artists from all over the world will share nine stages, spread across the historical city center of Písek. These locations are carefully chosen to match the character of the shows. The sweeping production of the festival will include experimental electronic music, as well as jazz, blues, and other kinds of music. Contemporary expressive dance will be presented by some of the best dancers in the Czech Republic. Both days of the festival will culminate at the main stage, where some of the artists gather and jam, to the delight of both festival-goers and themselves.

For backpackers, we offer very inexpensive accommodations in the Svobodná school gym.

This weekend in particular it is worth visiting Písek, not only to take part in Cool v Plote, but also to see certain historic attractions during the European Heritage Days. Entrance is free, and even sites not accessible during the rest of the year will be open on that Saturday in September.